What is a “Commercial Real Estate Advisor?”

A Commercial Advisor is someone who provides expertise to business owners in the commercial real estate arena. When leasing, buying, or selling commercial space, many concerns arise for a business owner, such as —

LeasingWhat terms are “good” terms on this lease? Should I purchase or lease space for my business? How do I find the space that fits my company’s needs? What impact will the wrong space have on my business?

Purchasing: How do I know that this property is the best location for my business? What should I expect to pay for a building? How can I ensure that this property will fit my company’s needs as we grow?

Selling: How can I ensure the maximum value for my property within a reasonable timeframe?

Commercial Advisors exist to relieve business owners of these concerns. Experts in their field, they make commercial real estate a breeze. However, a Commercial Advisor should not only provide expertise, but should learn the unique needs of your business to determine relevant solutions.

At Voelkel Commercial Advisors, we are big believers in personal solutions for every business or property owner. We value integrity above all else. Check out our testimonials to see why business owners and physicians trust us.


Are Commercial Advisors licensed?

Yes, depending on the state. Normally the Commercial Advisor must be licensed as a commercial real estate broker. For the State of Texas, you can search to ensure your Advisor is licensed here.


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